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Brazilian stuff in San Francisco

25 Aug

As a brazilian living in San Francisco I couldn’t miss talking about some brazilian stuff you can find in SF, for example food, the famous flip flops Havaianas etc. Starting from food…you can find some brazilians restaurants in the city: Espetus (my favorite, actually I’ve just been to this one), Canto do Brasil and Bossa Nova. Still talking about food, go to “Mercado Brasil” Grocery Store at 1252 Valencia St at the Mission or at Sun Stream Cafe at Laurel Heights to have some traditional brazilian treats. On both stores you can also find the Havaianas (nowadays more stores are selling it, Macy’s for example), brazilian T shirts, bikinis etc. I guarantee Brazilian food is great, check it out!

Golden Gate Park…explore it!

25 Aug

Did you know that the Golden Gate Park is 20% bigger than Central Park in NY and there are more tan 1 million trees? Besides the size and the amazing nature there are so many things to see there. I’ve been in SF for a year and I still haven’t had the opportunity to check it out everything the Park has. Some of them: Cal Academy of Sciences (I mentioned in my first post) which is amazing for kids, De Young Museum (for adults), Conservatory of Flowers, Japanese Tea Garden, Windmills, Botanical Garden, Children’s Playground…sooo many things. Check it out…it is really worth it!

Bike at Crissy Field

25 Aug

Enjoy the end of summer (yes, this is good n SF, cause Fall is our summer here) and ride a bike with your little one at Crissy Field. If you do not have one and your kid is a baby, don’t worry. Rent a bike at a place in front of the fort mason (I couldn’t find the name to tell you guys) and ask for a baby seat. I’m sure you and your little one will have so much fun!!!

San Francisco Zoo

25 Aug

Don’t miss SF Zoo if you live here or if you are visiting the city with your kids. It’s beautiful, pretty well organized, there are many animals to see. Their mission is to connect people with wildlife, inspire caring for nature and advance conservation action. I’ve been to San Diego Zoo last month, and even tough is the biggest one in America I think SF Zoo does a great job. Try to go still in August, cause children 14 and under get in free all month long with a paying adult.

The Walt Disney Family Museum

16 Aug

I have to say that this museum is more for adults than for kids…anyway it is really interesting and cute! The Walt Disney Family Museum tells the whole history about Walt Disney’s life and how he became the most influential figures of the 20th century. The museum is really interesting, interactive, all the details were provided by the Disney’s family so it is possible to see the first drafts of Mickey Mouse as well as the history behind the creation of Disneyland. Even if your little one does not understand as much as you do, check it out!

Discover the museum!

16 Aug

I’ve always heard good things about the Bay Area Discovery Museum but I didn’t know that it was so nice. Actually is awesome for all kid’s ages, since babies until 8 years. “The Museum is the only children’s museum in the U.S. to be located in a national park, and its exhibits are admired and emulated by other children’s museums nationwide. The Museum is recognized as the leading children’s museum dedicated to nurturing childhood creativity, fostering future generations of creative thinkers and innovators. With this emphasis on creativity through play, the Museum encourages children ages 6 months to 8 years to develop into curious, creative, adventurous lifelong learners and explorers.”  There are 6 different spaces to visit and it’s located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge…the view is just astonishing.

Peter Pan the show…even babies could love it!

26 Jul

I have to tell you guys that 2 weeks ago I went to watch Peter Pan the show with my 3 years old niece and my 15 months old son and both loved it! Even my baby was paying attention to the whole play (almost 2 hours sited), he was really excited, clapping his hands following the crowd and he just took a nap during the break. I was amazed about the play as well. It is really worth it. Go check it out if you have kids or not!!!!

If it’s foggy and you want to shopping

15 Jul

If you want to shop in a warmer place, 20 minutes from San Francisco an at the same time your kids can have some fun go to “The Village at Corte Madera”. Outdoor mall, very good stores (like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Lululemon, Apple, Giggle, Poterry Barn Kids and many others) and a children’s playarea where  kids of all ages can have fun while mom and dad watch. You also have lunch at the traditional Boudin Bakery or Cheesecake Factory and after a nice afternoon shopping, having fun with your beloved child go back to the amazing foggy city!!!

If it’s foggy and you want the mother nature to warm you

15 Jul

Specially in summer time it is very common foggy days in San Francisco. If you want to go in an outdoor place with the little ones, you just have to drive less than 20 minutes. Muirwoods is the place! It’s a beautiful national park where you can explore the nature, see the sequoias, deers and birds. After let the kids run and watch the animals and trees, drive 5 minutes down and have a drink at the Pelican Inn while the kids run outside in the garden or if you have a baby he is more than welcome in the cozy hotel to watch you while you have a drink. Cheers!

If you’re coming to San Francisco…

7 Jul

If it is your first time in San Francisco with your kids you should start from the basic places to go with the little ones. Fisherman’s Wharf is always a good point to start: Pier 39 (they will love to watch the seals and to go for a ride in the carousel), Exploratorium and Palace of Fine Arts (where they can explore all about science and watch the ducks swimming in the beautiful lake), Golden Gate (go for a bike ride since the Marina Boulevard until the Golden Gate, if your child is too young rent a bike with the chair in the back), Ghirardelli Square (to see the chocolate fountain and have the wonderful chocolates, ice creams etc), in a rainy day go to California Academy of Sciences (children from all ages will love it, cause there are so many things to see and there is a playroom for the little ones), eat a delicious hamburguer at Johnny Rockets or eat the healthy organic food at The Plant. And do not forget to take the kids for a ride in the cable car! I think that’s enough for a 4 days trip.


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